Saturday, January 28, 2006


I released first version (well, two versions) of "PickleShare" today. I plan to make it the persistence sytem (accessed via %store, %bookmark) for next version of IPython; the current persistence system in IPython is a bit "lossy", killing the process loses the changes and two simultaneous IPython sessions step over each other's changes.

I actually looked inte ZODB for this, but as a dependency it's way too heavy. easy_install zodb3 created a crapload of scripts and compiled C code, while pickleshare is something I can just drop into the Extensions folder of IPython. Durus, not being pure python, was not an option either.

The package is available via Cheeseshop.

Saturday, January 21, 2006

Excited about bzr

It seems that bzr (bazaar-ng) version control system is definitely up to something. You can use it locally without any administration nuisance. Just go to the root of your project and do

bzr init
bzr add .

And then you can keep editing and doing

bzr diff

To see what you've just done


bzr commit

To commit your changes. Kinda like local rcs (which admittedly sucks in most areas), but with tree-level changesets. I think I'll start using it locally for both work and freetime projects when I'm experimenting, or when I'm the only developer.

Underlying this simplicity, there is the full power of distributed version control systems (think arch, bitkeeper).

A simple tutorial is here.

Wednesday, January 11, 2006

IPython maintainership

It so happened that I'm now "the official maintainer" of IPython 0.7.x, while Fernando Perez shifts his focus to the long-term goal of the next generation of IPython, the already legendary "big cleanup" in the chainsaw branch.

The announcement

Tuesday, January 10, 2006

Backworld "The Wisdom of the Flesh"

I typed up the lyrics for Backworld's "The Wisdom of the Flesh" (from their early "Holy Fire" album), mostly because I liked them a lot and couldn't find them on the net, and hence I uploaded them to some lyrics websites. It's a christian band but as you can see from the lyrics this is not your grandma's Gospel band.

Backworld - The Wisdom of the Flesh

from within come the visions
memories of things i cannot know
the memory of the everlasting heaven of the senses
the memory we bring with ourselves at birth
the memories of all forbidden powers and pleasures

all this is contained in the helix of the body
even death is encoded in the mystery of the flesh
symbols burst forth from from inside out
bringing with them the hidden truth of stolen treasures
here to be reclaimed

the flesh is ours and it is also ours te be learned
to learn the wisdom of the flesh
for if the hand is to grasp the heart
it cannot be ruled from without
it must be faithfully guided from within, the body
it must be written again and again
etched on the surface of the flesh
the senses must be tempered as they are burned
just as the fire tempers the steel of swords

yearning will be given over to the wisdom of the body
the uncovering of the bible which lies coiled in the heart of love
this knot is undone by the revelations that had been long denied
that we are of this one flesh
and it is neither good nor evil
that yearning can be given over to the wisdom of the body
and that heaven lies here for the taking
disguised in the cloak of death

and so the fire of blood floods the horizon
and great cracks and fissures split the flesh world
and then from deep within the body will come a lightning
approaching, nearing, gathering, striking
this is the violent love of the saints
impaled heroes of the christus
the whoredom of the holy god
violation of the sacred love
a miracle of sodomy
the memory of the body

Monday, January 02, 2006

Free music recommendations

Anyone interested in (neo)classical could do worse than downloading Sagittarius' "Die Grosse Marina" LP, which is made freely downloadable from the Neo-Form website. It's a well executed classical piece, mostly on the piano.

Also worth checking out is The "neo-form compilation" provided as a free download earlier last year. It has two killer Current 93 covers ("For a Christ-Thorn" covered by Herr, and "Anti-Christ and Barcodes" covered by Sagittarius), in addition to original material by various neofolk bands.

Seal of Approval

A whim

It's 2:01 AM (yes, that's nighttime), I have to get to work tomorrow, and I thought I'd create a blog for no good reason. We'll see whether I ever come back to actually write something. :-)

It's the new year, 2006, so I guess this might be a way to start a year - produce something visible for the world to ignore.

Phirst p0st